Dotty Bobbin and her Bambinos!

Things have been a bit chaotic these last few weeks, my sewing classes have taken off, especially my evening and weekend classes. This week I will focus my blog on some of the children I teach. So up first in the photos is Niamh and Jodie. This was their second ever sewing lesson and from an old IKEA pillow case they have made these lovely pinny aprons. Lovely don’t you think? We cheated with the gathering as it was their second lesson and gathered them using tensioned elastic and a wide zig zag stitch then placed the band over the top.

i pad march 2014 051v2

Laney made a wonderful full fronted apron but unfortunately I forgot to capture that one on camera! (sorry Laney!). Anne Marie, who is more used to sewing tiny clothes, sleeping bags and accessories for Simon the bear (who is about 20cm tall!)  made an apron for her Granny, we used a butchers apron as a pattern and she has lined it in a nice waffle fabric. She was going to finish off the straps at home. The waffle lining fabric gave it a lovely weight.

i pad march 2014 055v2 i pad march 2014 056v2

Lucy made a gorgeous apron in her second sewing class, which she is modelling below. And Olivia made her first box bottom oil cloth bag with zip all by herself!

i pad march 2014 050v2 i pad march 2014 057v2

We have had great fun creating things with the children and it is lovely to show them a new skill that will stay with them forever I hope.

I would like to finish off by sharing with you that during my last Wednesday evening class, I did a live twitter feed with #handmadehour whilst I was teaching, updating them with what we were doing, and guess who replied……………the one and only Lynda from the Sewing Bee. I was so excited.

I hope you all make some wonderful creations over the next couple of weeks and I hope you share them with me! In the meantime I have been making a pop up gazebo cover. I have even stolen my living room curtains to use as fabric! Good excuse for another trip to IKEA I think! I will let you know when it is finished, it is a big project with about 25m plus of fabric, but I hope to use it for childrens sewing parties.

Dotty Bobbin x


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